Your Parish Council

Blindcrake Parish Council exists to represent the interests of all residents of the villages, hamlets and dwellings within the geographical area which comprises the Parish of Blindcrake. The Council levies a precept on the community charge collected by Allerdale Borough Council that funds its activities. It meets bimonthly at 7.30pm on the third Monday of the month in the Village Hall. All residents are welcome to observe any meeting and the first ten minutes are set aside to hear any resident who wishes to speak to the Council. Despite its small size, it is actively seeking Quality Council status.

Dates of the meetings in 2018 are:



The formal minutes of past meetings can be accessed by clicking here. In compliance with the Model Publication Scheme under the Freedom of Information Act, documents relating to the operation of the Council and its functions can be accessed here. The Annual Parish Reports can also be accessed here.

Your Parish Councillors
Name Address Telephone
Chair: Andy Prickett The Barn, Blindcrake CA13 0QP 01900 824049
Clerk: Graeme Forrester Clints Cottage, Blindcrake, CA13 0QP 01900 825642
Vice Chair: Ros Berry Holm Farm, Blindcrake CA13 0QP 01900 828384
James Gate Meadow Bank, Sunderland CA13 9SS 01697 322219
Terrance Johnstone Westray Farm, Sunderland CA13 9SS 01697 320638
Joe Marrs Rose Farm, Blindcrake CA13 0QP 01900 824754
Susan Buckwell Old Park Cottage, Isel CA13 0QG 017687 76056
Alan Purvis Beech Farm, Sunderland CA13 9SS 016973 20534
Martin Corfield Dalton House, Blindcrake, Cockermouth CA13 0QP 07799 637460
Clerk's Notes



My last annual report highlighted the three major issues which had affected the Parish during the year, namely flooding, broadband and the proposed United Utilities pipeline and associated works.

Fortunately there has not been a major storm during the last year however the parish council is doing its best to ensure that the appropriate authorities and land owners meet their responsibilities with regard to maintaining gullies, drainage and watercourses.

Fibre superfast broadband is now available in Redmain and Blindcrake, and after considerable delays the majority of householders wishing to upgrade to superfast have been connected. The parish council have entered into a community fibre partnership with BT to provide fibre broadband to Sunderland and have committed the expenditure of £2,500 to BT/Openreach for a detailed survey. Once this survey has been competed we will be working with BT to establish the most economical way of providing fibre broadband to Sunderland. Your parish council is still seeking ways to obtain improvements to the broadband service to Isel and Old Park.

The first contracts have been awarded in connection with the United Utilities pipeline, and both representatives from United Utilities and their contractors will continue to attend parish council meetings in order to keep residents informed of the progress of the works and to address any concerns raised.

The parish council has expressed concern to both Allerdale and the National Park over the lack of consultation on planning applications both within the parish and where an application outside the parish has an impact upon land or properties within the parish.

May I remind residents that parish council meetings are open meetings and that time is always set aside for members of the public to raise any issues that they may have relating to parish council business.

Finally I would like to thank the other parish councillors and the clerk for their work and dedication over the last year.

Andy Prickett