Your Parish Council

Blindcrake Parish Council exists to represent the interests of all residents of the villages, hamlets and dwellings within the geographical area which comprises the Parish of Blindcrake. The Council levies a precept on the community charge collected by Allerdale Borough Council that funds its activities. It meets bimonthly at 7.30pm on the third Monday of the month in the Village Hall. All residents are welcome to observe any meeting and the first ten minutes are set aside to hear any resident who wishes to speak to the Council. Despite its small size, it is actively seeking Quality Council status.

Dates of the meetings in 2021 are:

  • January 18
  • March 15
  • May 17 (AGM)
  • July 19
  • September 20
  • November 15

On this site you can access the formal minutes of past meetings. In compliance with the Model Publication Scheme under the Freedom of Information Act, you can also access documents relating to the operation of the Council and its functions, including the Annual Parish Reports.

Your Parish Councillors

Name Address Telephone
Graeme Forrester Clints Cottage, Blindcrake, CA13 0QP 01900 825642
Chair: Ros Berry Holm Farm, Blindcrake CA13 0QP 01900 828384
James Gate Meadow Bank, Sunderland CA13 9SS 01697 322219
Terrance Johnstone Westray Farm, Sunderland CA13 9SS 01697 320638
Joe Marrs Rose Farm, Blindcrake CA13 0QP 01900 824754
Susan Buckwell Old Park Cottage, Isel CA13 0QG 017687 76056
Alan Purvis Beech Farm, Sunderland CA13 9SS 016973 20534
Lee Clark Grove House, Blindcrake CA13 0QP
Clerk: David McGuffie Send email

Clerk's Notes

Agenda for the meeting of the Blindcrake Parish Council held at 7.30pm on January 18th 2021 via Zoom

1.   The Minutes of the November 2020 meeting: 


2.   Members to declare any interests they may have in any item on the agenda: 


3.   Maintenance and Matters of Report  

a)   UU Pipeline Updates: 

b)   Broadband.

1) Isel: 

2) Sunderland:

c)   Village Hall update:

4.   Planning Matters: 


a)   Any responses to our submissions

a.   4G mast

b.   Bryn Howe

c.    Tree Tops

d.   Clints Quarry

b)   Lights visible from Isel Old Park

5.   Financial Matters:    

a)   The current financial position

b)   Band D precept

c)   Quarry charity – anything else? Ok to complete charity commission submission.

d)   Grass cutting

6. Covid

7. Questions from parishioners